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Solar PV <~> Plug-In EV


Every Solar Power System depends on a multitude of variables contributing to it's construction. 

Here are some 'Out Of The Box' system options that have proven excellent return on investment:

10 x 310W PV Panels

3 kW Inverter

Hot Water Timer 

Fully Installed $8,449.00

 incl GST 


16 x 310W PV Panels

5 kW Hybrid Inverter

2 kW EPS Output

2.4 kWh Lithium Battery Storage

Fully Installed $16,648.00 

incl GST


18 x 310W PV Panels

5kW Hybrid Inverter

5kW EPS output

14.4kWh Lead Carbon Battery Storage 

Fully Installed $26,797.00 

incl GST

30 x 310 W PV Panels

2 x 5kW Off Grid  Power Inverters

14.4kWh Lead Carbon Battery Storage

Fully Installed $49,497.00 

incl GST

Already have solar? How about a full system check up and panel wash? $249.00 incl. GST (Travel costs may apply depending on location)